Our Staff

Pastor Bobbie Blackburn

Email: Garryglass@aol.com    Cell: 941-243-9473

Welcome to TLC! Our community of faith exists to serve and love God and all people. We are a lively congregation of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. Our mission is to share the Good News of Christ's love with our community and world. We work with a number of community service groups to demonstrate Christ's love on the local front and we are connected with mission work in Israel and South America.                                    

I have been privileged to serve as Trinity's pastor since June of 1997. 

Come experience worship and community life at TLC, and discover if this is the place for you to grow in faith and serve God! 

Vicar Jeanette Perrault, Interning Pastor

Email:  vicarjeanette@gmail.com        Cell: 941-301-0691

Hello all! I am thrilled to be your vicar for this year. This call to ministry has been a wild and winding ride, so coming to Trinity Lutheran Church in Florida of all places just adds to the adventure!

I currently attend Wartburg Theological Seminary in Dubuque, Iowa, where I began pursuing my Masters of Divinity in 2018.

I am a Midwesterner at heart, having grown up in Minnesota and lived in North Dakota, Wisconsin, and Iowa at different times over the years. I enjoy exploring the outdoors and checking out new places, usually with family or friends. I love being on or by the water, so being near such a large body of water fills me up greatly! I am also a yoga instructor and love sharing that as part of my ministry to those interested.
I do hope we can meet at some point, especially in person! 
Rebecca Kasang, Organist and Choir Director

Email: beakietoo@gmail.com

I’ve been a St. Petersburg, FL, resident for  almost 18 years, and have worked in ELCA churches as an organist and choir director for over 25 years. I also teach band classes at LCC Day School in St. Petersburg, and run a teaching studio (RK Music Studio) that currently employs eight piano, voice, guitar and string teachers who offer private lessons to students all over the county. I am married. You may have already met my husband, Daniel.

I began as organist and choir director at Trinity in January, 2019.

Whether you have sung in choir before or are interested to try it for the first time, YOU are invited to join us. No need to be a pro! Recordings of our songs are available and we will practice each song many weeks in advance so there’s plenty of time to learn. Our rehearsal schedule and anthem titles are posted in the hallway behind the choir loft.

Please email me with your questions and to introduce yourself if we have not yet met, or look for me on Facebook. 

Sondra Lee,
Communications Specialist


Email: trinitylutheransecretary@gmail.com    
Cell: 941-243-7846

As Communications Specialist, I work with church staff and Trinity members to "get the word out" about all our "happenings" -- to our Trinity family as well as to all who find joy and seek comfort in what we are doing in and for this entire Bradenton community. 
Our Mission of "Being Neighbor + Sharing God's Transforming Love," guides us as we develop programming and activities all year long to meet the changing needs of our congregation and the community-at-large. Our doors are open to everyone! All are welcome here. 
If you have suggestions or want to be part of our communications ministry, please be in touch.



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