About Us

We, at Trinity :
  • are a faith community of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.
  • extend the hospitality of the Kingdom of God to EVERYONE.
  • invite you to explore and celebrate God’s love and grace, mercy and compassion with us.
  • embrace all God’s children and celebrate our diversity.  We do not discriminate on any basis.  
  • have facilities that are easily accessible for folks with physical disabilities or challenges.  
Being Neighbor + Sharing God's Transforming Love

When the lawyer asked, "Who is my neighbor?", Jesus didn’t define who "my neighbor" is.  Jesus instead defined what being a neighbor means

  • Acting with compassion. 
  • Acting with love toward anyone and everyone in need.  'Go and do it' Jesus says. 

This is where life is lived.  In caring.  In loving.  In extending ourselves for the sake of others.  Today.  Now.

Our mission at Trinity - Being Neighbor Sharing God's Transforming Love - is our constant reminder that as Children of our Loving God, we are to "go and do likewise."

We must be busy about sharing God’s love. It's life-giving and transformative! 



Ready to Learn More About the Ministry and Mission of our Faith Community?

Pastor Bobbie and Vicar Kerri invite you to a "Welcome to Trinity" gathering on Sunday, November 27, 2pm, or Tuesday, November 29th, 7pm. Please let us know you're coming to one of these getting-to-know-you sessions - 941-747-3081.

A Taste of Trinity!
In Trinity's response to Covid closure, we began our journey into cyberspace with worship. Now we stream all indoor worship services on Facebook and YouTube (barring technical issues). Information about those worship times can be found on our Worship tab.

Occasionally, on-camera folks get tongue-tied, or say one thing when they mean another. Or they forget what happens next.    At Trinity, we believe God has a sense of humor. We celebrate that gift with this Out-Take Blooper video put together by Trinity's videographer, Nathan Krafve.  Enjoy!

For a bigger "bite," look back at our 75th Anniversary weekend celebration in February 2020. Many thanks to Pastor Jason Chesnut for this video !