Midweek Lenten Schedule

Wednesday, April 1st - tentative due to COVID-19
Open Our Eyes, Lord, We Want to See Jesus!
Noon          Liturgy with Music
12:30pm     Following Jesus Together Study (Bring sack lunch if you wish)
5:30pm      Chancel Choir
6:15pm      Soup Supper
7pm           Unfailing Light Musical Liturgy
7:30pm      Following Jesus Together Study

Our Lenten Theme - Open Our Eyes, Lord, We Want to See Jesus! - is based on Matthew 25:31-46, the Parable of the Nations (Sheep and Goats).

We will seek to identify Christ in everyone we meet. 

Martin Luther’s definition of neighbor is “anyone who is in need.”  It is so easy for us to miss “seeing” Jesus in our neighbor!  Accompany us this Lent in a journey that indeed calls us to open our eyes - and our hearts - to all those in need, recognizing the very presence of our Lord.


Sign ups to help with the soup supper can be written on a board in the Narthex. We ask that if you plan to join us for supper that you note it on a Blue Form.

All are invited to be part of either Following Jesus Together study group that will be available as well!