Preschool Staff

Shawna Clark, Director

Hi.  I have been working in Early Childhood Education since 2000. I have an Associates Degree in Early Childhood Education from Tallahassee Community College. I like assisting families and working with everyone who is part of Trinity Lutheran Church and Tree of Life Preschool.

When I was graduated from Bayshore High, I knew I wanted to work with young children. I attended Tallahassee Community College online because I had two children at home. Before becoming a Preschool Director, my favorite age to teach was one year olds. There is something special about that age that brings joy into my career.

I enjoy reading when I have time. My all-time favorite thing to do with my free time is to spend it with my family. 

Please come see me and visit Tree of Life if you are seeking a great Christian preschool for your infant through VPK children.

Jessica Garcia, Infant Teacher


Although I was born in Hot Springs, AR, I was raised in Bradenton. I have an Early Childhood Development Associates Degree.

I'm very adventurous and enjoy trying new things.

What I like besst about being in child care is being able to watch our children grow and achieve many milestones. Their smiles always remind me why I love my job as a teacher.

Shelby Dalton, Teacher of 1 Year Olds

Born and raised in Indiana, I moved to Florida in March 2016. 

I have worked in childcare since I was a senior in high school. I now have an Early Childhood Development Certificate. I am currently also pursuing a degree to be a veterinary technician.

I love watching children "get it" - when they understand a concept. I'm also mildly obsessed with children and artwork. Art opens the door to creativity and imagination.

I have been a lead teacher in toddler's, 2's and 3's classes, as well as an assistant in infants. At Tree of Life, I teach toddlers in the "Sweet Shop" classroom. I invite you to bring your child to TOL to learn through play and art with us!

Lisa Brandt, Teacher of 2 Year Olds


I'm Lisa and I'm 26 years young!  I am mother to two amazing children.

I have an Early Childhood Development Certificate. I began to work at Tree of Life in September, 2016, and I love it!  The two year olds are my passion. We have lots of fun on a daily basis. I try to help parents potty train their child, once she or he joins my classroom. My focus is to teach all of them the 10 Christian values every child should know.

I look forward to working with you and your child.

Kim Monroe, Teacher of 3 and 4 Year Olds

Hi. I am so excited to be teaching the 3's and 4's here at Tree of Life. I have an Associates Degree in Early Childhood Education and have been teaching preschool for 26 years. I've worked with all ages.

I am married and together we parent a son, aged 20, and a daughter, 18. We have lived in Bradenton and attended Trinity Lutheran Church for many years.

I love to have fun with my class. I'm always keeping them busy - whether it's with art, music, science, or, my favorite - circle and storytime! 

Heather Scheible, VPK Lead Teacher

Hi, I'm Heather Scheible. I've been on staff since we opened in 1990. I'm from Ohio and moved to Bradenton in 1986. I graduated from the South College of Florida with my Associates Degree in Early Childhood Development.

What you might not know is that people say my mother and I look, act, and sound alike. When I was younger, that would drive me nuts. Now I love hearing that! In my spare time I enjoy reading and taking childcare classes. I teach VPK and it seems each year there are changes to rules and ideas. Classes offer new or alternative ways to teach. I think it is important for me and the children to keep learning so I can make it fun for them.  

I also strive to get to know my students' families. Being comfortable with the parents / guardians is important to help each child grow and learn to get them ready for "big school." 

I love the atmosphere of a smaller preschool with a Christian focus. Trinity's members are a warm and loving group of people!

Barbara Ellis, VPK Assisting Teacher Hi, I'm Barbara Ellis and I am a "floater" at TOL as well as VPK assisting teacher. That means I cover classes whenever needed. So at one time or another, I've taught every age group at Tree of Life. I began here after answering a "want ad" in 1996!

Before moving to Bradenton, my wonderful teaching journey included instructing children from kindergarten to sixth grade. I have worked with children of special needs: autism spectrum disorder, spina bifida and cerebral palsy. While living in New Jersey I was involved with PTO - elementary and high school.

I also enjoyed volunteering for Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts, schools and parenting groups, and the Elks and Womens' clubs. I held leadership positions in many of the organizations.

In my free time I love to cook, help out with children's activities at Trinity, and work with children of all ages. Working at Tree of Life is wonderful. I love the children and everyone here at the preschool, as well as everyone in Trinity's family.

Veronika Czutor, Volunteer

I have all my credentials and am certified in Early Childhood Development. This is in addition to my Bachelor's Degree in Teacher and Therapist in Special Education, which I acquired in Budapest, Hungary, and my Masters in Theological Studies from Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago.

I began working with Tree of Life while I was on staff at Trinity Lutheran Church last year. While I am now awaiting my working authorization documents from Homeland Security to be issued again, I am volunteering at both Trinity and Tree of Life. It brings me great joy to be with all the adults and children I have come to know over the past year. 

I am always looking for other adult volunteers to read Bible stories to our children and to spend time with them as they grow in faith.  Come find me at the preschool or the church!



What's Happening at Trinity...

Thank you to all the children and families who visited Trinity last weekend for our Trunk or Treat gift to you!

The winners of the guessing contests were a brother and sister!   Alissa guessed the weight of the pumpkin at 20 pounds 10 ounces and the actual weight was 20 pounds, 8 ounces.  (Wow that was close!)    Her brother, Jeremiah, guessed the amount of spiders at 163 and the actual was 164! (Awesome!)

Those who brought their "trunks" voted among themselves for the Best Decorated. This year's winners were:

1st place: Tree of Life Preschool teachers and families (5 vehicles - Farm theme)

2nd place: Gwin and Leonne Wilburn  (Hippies)

3rd place: Traci Pope  (Harvest)

Many thanks to the 75+ volunteers who worked non-stop to help make Trunk or Treat another successful event.  Thanks also to those who donated extra candy (we went through pounds and pounds)!   Mark your calendar for October 27th next year!  

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