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Who we are and what we are about are a reflection of the ministry and vision of our Pastor, The Reverend Doctor Bobbie Blackburn. 

Dear Brothers and Sisters in the Faith,

Wow!  What an amazing and fun celebration of 75 Years we shared February 16th!  It was a special privilege to have our Synod Bishop, Pedro Suarez, and his wife, Deacon Aura, here for our celebrations.  Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who participated in the planning, contributed to the 75th Anniversary Fund, and was present to delight in the worship and feast and program together!  Our musicians outdid themselves – and I have to admit that I cannot get that tune of our commissioned Anniversary hymn out of my head!  By the way, you can see the composers’ framed original work in the hall beside the Music Board.  And, as you can see in the right hand column here, we met and exceeded our Anniversary fund goal of $75,000, and had a blast recognizing and gifting our ministry partners at the program.  Pastor Jason Chesnut, who filmed the weekend, will present us with some treasures to remind us of this event, and to follow Trinity into the future as we continue to Be Neighbor and Share God’s Transforming Love!

Praise Team at Celebration worship
Bishop Pedro and Deacon Aura
Chancel Choir at Traditional Worship
Bishop officiating Holy Communion
Delicious luncheon celebration
So many people; so much reminiscing
Singing our Commissioned Hymn during our Celebration program
  • Praise Team at Celebration worship
  • Bishop Pedro and Deacon Aura
  • Chancel Choir at Traditional Worship
  • Bishop officiating Holy Communion
  • Delicious luncheon celebration
  • So many people; so much reminiscing
  • Singing our Commissioned Hymn during our Celebration program

We are now in one of my favorite times of the Church Year: the Season of Lent.  This year, our Community Ministry Coordinating Team has identified the victims of Hurricane Michael in the Panhandle, who a year and a half later are still struggling, as the recipients of our Lenten Bank Offerings.  We are working with Lutheran Disaster Response coordinator, Kim Hopkins, at Messiah Lutheran Church in Panama City, to determine an appropriate project for us to fund with our offerings.  We are also exploring the opportunity of having a mission trip up to Panama City – please note on the Blue Form if you are interested.

Along with directing our attention to Hurricane Michael victims this Lent, we are rolling out our Lenten Theme: Open Our Eyes, Lord, We Want to See Jesus!  Based on Matthew 25:31-46, the Parable of the Nations (Sheep and Goats), we will be seeking to identify Christ in everyone we meet.  As the Bishop mentioned in his sermon about the Good Samaritan, Martin Luther’s definition of neighbor is “anyone who is in need.”  It is so easy for us to miss “seeing” Jesus in our neighbor!  Accompany us this Lent in a journey that indeed calls us to open our eyes - and our hearts - to all those in need, recognizing the very presence of our Lord.

I am reminded of a camp song I loved to play on the guitar around the campfire – maybe you remember it too?  The chorus says: “Have you seen Jesus my Lord? He’s here in plain view.  Take a look, open your eyes.  He’ll show it to you.”  And each of the verses then identifies special places to “see the Lord.”  I especially love the fourth verse:  “Have you ever stood in the family, with the Lord, there in your midst, Seen the face of Christ on each other, then I say…you’ve seen Jesus my Lord.”  So maybe we will break out the guitar and give it a whirl during a children’s sermon, who knows? 

Since we have studied a number of Spiritual Disciplines in our Soul Feast groups – and brought them into our preaching on the weekends, I know that you have a good selection of spiritual tools to choose from as we enter our Lenten Discipline.  As you consider how you will commit to lectio divina (spiritual reading), prayer, fasting, worship, self-examination, confession, giving, journaling, bible study, and hospitality, we will have our customary mid-week worship on Wednesdays at Noon and 7pm, each followed by an opportunity to be part of a Following Jesus Together (FJT) group that studies the scripture for the coming weekend worship.  These begin the Wednesday after Ash Wednesday, March 4th.

Shaped like little churches, our 2020 Lenten Banks come with a daily guide for helping us to open our eyes to the six (6) categories named in the Matthew 25 Parable of the Nations.  I hope it will be challenging and inspiring for you to follow as you see Jesus in every member of the human family in need! 

May these Lenten Days deepen our faith and life as we Follow Jesus Together!

Pastor Bobbie




We Celebrated 75 Years, February 2020!

Our Florida-Bahamas Synod Bishop Pedro Suarez and his wife, Deacon Aura, joined us the weekend of February 15-16. Bishop Pedro brought our Gospel message.

Our luncheon was a delicious catered event. Al Ernst, internationally-known comedian, made us laugh out loud at the program that followed.

In 2019, in preparation for our 75th Anniversary, Trinity established a goal to raise $75,000 to use directly and/or through Trinity’s Mission Endowed Fund to support ministries in our community and world.

As of our Celebration we had raised $82,937.50 that was designated:  $60,662.50 for Trinity’s  Mission Endowed Fund, and $22,275.00 directed by donors and assigned to specific ministries. Our ministry partners receiving gifts to date:
Anchor House of Manatee
Beth-El Farmworker Ministry, Inc.
ELCA World Hunger
Habitat for Humanity of Manatee County
Healthy Start Coalition of Manatee County
Just For Girls
Lutheran Disaster Response
Our Daily Bread
PACE Center for Girls
Parenting Matters
Prine Elementary
ROOTS Performing Arts Camp
Together In Mission, Florida-Bahamas Synod
Tree of Life Preschool and Daycare (celebrating 30 years’ serving this community with Trinity)
Turning Points

Many of these ministries' representatives were present to receive their gifts and share news about their work in our community, the state, country and/or our world.

Trinity is blessed to have an active Health Ministry Team

The members if this team assist with pastoral care as well as provide a variety of programs, screenings, and monthly advise to Trinity folks.  Sue Michaels serves as Parish Nurse and faithfully visits people in area hospitals, assisted living or care facilities, as well as in-home to support the ministry provided by Pastor Bobbie and Vicar Fred.  

Many thanks to all who serve to care for each other and our neighbors in times of need.