About Us

Who we are and what we are about are a reflectionof the ministry and vision of our Pastor, The Reverend Doctor Bobbie Blackburn. 

Dear Brothers and Sisters in the Faith,

As we approach the season of Lent, I look forward to trying something new – and old – with you! Lent begins on February 14th, Ash Wednesday, and we’ll have three times of Imposition of the Ashes with Holy Communion. Our Lenten Study and Worship following Ash Wednesday will  focus on The Passion of Jesus according to the Gospel of Mark.  While we are reading and studying the body of Mark’s Gospel in our FJT groups each week, continuing through Lent, we will be encountering Mark’s story of Jesus’ passion in our mid-week worship and study.  In order to maximize the opportunities for participation and fellowship, we will return to a mid-week schedule we have used in the past, which provides for a “daytime” worship service and study session for those who prefer not to drive in the dark, a common meal time which also presents the opportunity to eat together, followed by a second worship and study opportunity. 

“Shrove Tuesday” (Tuesday, February 13th)  will find us joining together with our sister congregation, Redeemer Lutheran, at 6pm, for a spaghetti feast followed by  excerpts of “Luther. The Rock Opera.” performed by our joint team that is going to the ELCA National Youth Gathering in June. Proceeds will benefit our National Youth Gathering Participants! Plan to come to the “feast,” enjoy this fellowship with our brothers and sisters in Christ at Redeemer and support our young people! (Redeemer is located at 6311 3rd Ave West.) Invite family and friends to join in.

Following Jesus Together with you,

Pastor B.