About Us

Who we are and what we are about are a reflection of the ministry and vision of our Pastor, The Reverend Doctor Bobbie Blackburn. 

Dear Brothers and Sisters in the Faith,
As we welcome a New Year, I find myself in the process of      reflecting on my priorities for 2020. What about you? Are you entering the “resolution-making” mode? Are you considering the possible ways to equip your life for more balance and joy? Curious to see what folks typically choose for New Year’s resolutions, I went to my Google authority and found this survey of 2,000 who created these top 10 resolutions for 2019:
1. Diet or eat healthier (71 %)
2. Exercise more (65 %)
3. Lose weight (54 %)
4. Save more and spend less (32 %)
5. Learn a new skill or hobby (26 %)
6. Quit smoking (21 %)
7. Read more (17 %)
8. Find another job (16 %)
9. Drink less alcohol (15 %)
10. Spend more time with family and friends     (13 %)

As I read through that list, I noticed a glaring lack of any mention of a resolution that has what I would call a “spiritual” dimension. Nothing remotely related to loving God or serving neighbor.  No mention of community or faith or spiritual life. And once again, I become aware of the   intense importance of the church as a faith community in supplying not only the ability to address spiritual growth in the lives of individuals, but also the clear mandate to initiate conversation and activity around spiritual growth. Because if we do not address it, for sure, no one else will.

Sometimes we get side-tracked in the church from our call to be God-namers and public devotees of Jesus.  We fall in step with everyone else around us and start to spend our time focusing on many of those ten things listed above, and then we don’t have any time left for the “author and perfecter” of our faith! 

So in 2020, I want to make a clear appeal for you to set aside time and intention for deepening and investing in your spiritual growth. 

While we have many opportunities for growing spiritually though our Following Jesus Groups and Faith Formation classes, I want to add a special, 7-week course, that we will call “Soul Feast”.  Based on a book by that name by        Marjorie Thompson, we will engage in a number of spiritual disciplines that have been used by followers of Jesus for centuries.  Week by week, we will explore different spiritual practices so that by the end of our time together, each participant will develop their own, individual pattern of spiritual discipline that best serves to feed their soul.

So if you are tired of resolving to diet, exercise, and/or lose weight in the coming year, and are intrigued by the notion of nurturing your soul and feasting on that which will empower spiritual growth, prayerfully consider being part of “Soul Feast.” We have created several Soul Feast Group meeting times. To participate, please sign up on a Blue Form. Groups will begin January 9th. If you don’t find a scheduled time that works, please note that on the Form.

I am looking forward to growing in the Spirit’s love and grace with you this year!

Pastor Bobbie




Trinity is blessed to have an active Health Ministry Team to assist with pastoral care as well as provide a variety of programs, screenings, and monthly advise to Trinity folks.

Sue Michaels serves as Parish Nurse and faithfully visits people in area hospitals, assisted living or care facilities, as well as in-home to support the ministry provided by Pastor Bobbie and Vicar Fred.  

Many thanks to all who serve.