About Us

Who we are and what we are about are a reflectionof the ministry and vision of our Pastor, The Reverend Doctor Bobbie Blackburn. 

Dear Brothers and Sisters in the Faith,
Greetings!  What a joy it has been to get back into the “swing” of parish life after my two-month sabbatical! As wonderful as it is to have time away and refresh and renew, I missed our life together!  Home is indeed a “sweet” place.
       This sabbatical I didn’t do a “travel blog” as I did four years ago, so here are  some of the highlights of my time...and a few “revelations” from the journeys and times for reflection and meditation.  My time away consisted of:
   1 - Time with Garry enjoying a week of cruising, then hikes in the woods and playing in the lake in Kentucky, feasting with family and friends (a little too much on the feasting part!)
   2 - A Spanish emersion training at Concordia Language Villages in Bemidji, MN. For a week I heard only Spanish spoken, ate amazing meals created around menus from Argentina, Puerto Rico, Peru, Columbia, Spain, and Mexico, interacted with staff members from each of those countries and learned cultural elements as well as the language, and froze (a warm daytime temperature was 39 degrees). The setting was beautiful! Ice was barely beginning to melt in the lake by the camp, and deer and red squirrels were plentiful. Twenty other participants with varying degrees of proficiency in Spanish and I expanded our language skills and left with greater determination to study and grow toward fluency! So, what will I do with this gift of language, you ask? I await opportunities to discover possibilities.  In the meantime, I am ready for Gonzalo and Ana to roll out “Conversational Spanish as Hospitality – Part Two” this fall!
    3 – In May, I spent ten days at a yoga retreat in the Pocono Mountains in PA, in a program entitled: “Yogi Living”. Twelve of us with widely varying degrees of experience in yoga (mine was the handful of classes we held at Trinity for foundation) had the opportunity to learn from some awesome instructors. Not only did we study breath work and movement, we focused on lifestyle and wisdom. Our full days began at 5:15am with hot honey lemon water and prayer…followed by instruction and practice and awesome vegetarian meals, with Chai in the afternoon!  The campus was a 400-acre site of a former catholic seminary – beautiful grounds for hikes and open fields for meditation. The peace and tranquility combined with the learning opportunities made this an experience I can highly recommend.  The Himalayan Institute is phenomenal!
    4 – On the weekends I availed myself of worship opportunities wherever I happened to be. From large suburban congregations to tiny rural churches, I noticed something similar throughout: a clearly detectable presence of God’s Spirit and enthusiasm for the ministry and community in which God has gathered these folks. Sometimes, when I don’t get “out and about” much, I get the impression there are not any other churches out there that are thriving and excited to be Following Jesus. Happily, I am so glad to tell you that there are tons of empowered followers and churches out there!  While total national and denomination “numbers” are undeniably shrinking, the Holy Spirit is alive and on the move everywhere I happened to engage. Thanks be to God!
    5 – I was able to drop in on some folks as I traveled, and I bring you greetings from these “Trinity Peeps”:  Susan and Linda Siefkes in Aberdeen, SD; Pastor Dave Buco and Alma in Avoco, NE; Ruth Koeller in Palos Park, IL; and Lew and Beverly Scheller in Stroudsburg, PA. I would have loved to make the rounds to many more, but I ran out of days!  
    One of the first things I became aware of when I slowed down enough to think and reflect on sabbatical is how terribly much I miss having a vicar at Trinity -- the excitement of helping to shape and form pastoral leaders for the church and receive the energy and excitement that someone brand new to ministry brings to us each year. I approached our Church Council and we will reach out to you for your support to re-enter the program.  Thank you, in advance, for prayerfully considering this opportunity.
    Thanks to each of you, once again, for supporting this time of sabbatical! I am excited to return and share ministry with you!   
Pastor Bobbie


ROOTS Performing Arts Camp was an overwhelming success again this year. More than 50 elementary-aged children spent their days here, June 4th-7th, learning about and practicing drama, storytelling, various visual arts, dance, hip hop, percussion, and Zumba from area professionals. 

This free camp is made possible by support of Trinity Lutheran families and friends, Longboat Island Chapel, Joyce Falken and Denise Rademacher at Edward Jones, Nancy Griffin, Keeton’s Office & Art Supply - Frank Perry, Thrivent Financial, Joan and Carl Voyles, and Mary Zabin.