About Us

Who we are and what we are about are a reflectionof the ministry and vision of our Pastor, The Reverend Doctor Bobbie Blackburn. 

Dear Brothers and Sisters in the Faith,

“For God did not give us a spirit of cowardice, but rather a spirit of power and of love and of self-discipline.”  -2 Timothy 1:7

“For God gives us a spirit of power and of love and of self-discipline”…oh, how those words speak to me right now in the middle of Lent: this time that our Church sets aside to practice self-discipline and renew our love of neighbor and sharing the Good News of God in Christ. So let’s focus on those three things for a bit. We start with self-discipline.

     When the item of self-discipline is first and foremost on my mind and others know and can support me and I am prayerful in my discipline…oh, the amazement I experience!

     Discipline of self is not difficult…it is not constraining….it is rather freeing! To be enabled to follow through on commitments we make to God is filled with holy delight! I rejoice in the opportunity to practice self-discipline. What spiritual practices are going well for you? What is the Spirit inviting you to “take on” or “lay down” this Lent? 

     Closely related to the spirit of self-discipline, I think, is God’s gift of the spirit of power. As Citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven we are empowered not only to affect our own lives and relationships through our fasting and prayer and study. We are empowered to affect our community and world. This Lent we directed our power to help the children of Prine Elementary - to provide the simple necessities of appropriate clothing for those who are in need. We are empowered to make a difference on such a basic level that sometimes we dismiss these small ways of helping as insignificant. However, just ask a child what difference it makes to have clothing and the learning tools needed!   

     We also continue our last-weekend-of-the-month Noisy Offering, collecting change in loaf tins as we “sound-out” against homelessness and hunger right here in our own community. I suspect you have chosen additional ways to press God’s spirit of power into service for those around you – and far away – who are facing challenges and hardship. While the rest of the world thinks that power is about “might” and “recognition,” we who seek to inhabit and illustrate the Kingdom of heaven sense the Spirit’s power to bring help and hope – remembering the images of “light” and “salt” that Jesus held up for us early in the Sermon on the Mount!

     Finally, the spirit of love that draws us into the kingdom of heaven and enables us to live out our citizenship is so key to the days of Lent for me.  Over and over again I am struck by the incredible love that God holds us in, and how that love can transform our experiences. I give thanks for the ways God’s love is demonstrated in our faith community – and through this faith community to others. As we approach the holiest of weeks and the sacrifice of love seen in the cross of Christ, may we each become more emboldened in the spirit of love God gives us!

Following Jesus Together with you,

Pastor B.



We look forward to celebrating the joy of the resurrection on Easter morning. Usually the joyful season of Easter lasts for several weeks before we get to Pentecost.  But this year we will only spend one week in the season of Easter before we enter a new season – a Season of Creation. 

    Starting the week of Earth Day (April 22nd), we’ll be spending three weeks worshiping with the whole planet as we focus especially on three areas based on the three R’s of Earth care.  We often hear about the importance of reducing, reusing, and recycling, but this season calls us to do more.  We will be Reclaiming our Christian vocation of Creation Care, Recognizing the ways we bring destruction to Creation, and repenting, and finally Rejoicing with all of Creation.

This year lent started 1st March. What to give up this year for 40 days? I decided to give up watching cartoons. In this winter season after work I sat in front of the TV. I like all kinds of cartoons, especially Japanese anime, where characters grow in their spirituality throughout seasons. So for 40 days I am not watching any of my cartoons, neither any TV, to avoid temptation. I discovered I have a lot of time to do different things and I like my TV-less life. Since we changed the time, my days seem to be longer. Spending some time in nature is a spiritual practice for me. I prefer to go to see the sunset from Coquina beach every day when it is possible. I like to take a camera with me and take photos of dolphins, birds, shells, or clouds. Please let me know if you’d like to join! I can share the best spots where you can see dolphins and sharks!

    Being in Lent, preparing for Easter, is a demanding time of the year for those who work at a church. We held a 5 week Cross Generational program on Tuesdays, called Faith Basics. The topic was